Primary Care

At Market Street Medical, we are pleased to provide our patients with quality primary care.  Once established, patients can rely on us to monitor current health conditions, including prescribing, renewing, or changing medications, as well as providing preventative care. more>>

Wellness Visits

Whether a patient is new to this world or is well into their golden years, Market Street Medical provides routine wellness visits.  For children, well child exams include expected milestone education for parents, as well as information regarding growth and immunizations.  Patients who are on Medicare are entitled to a yearly wellness visit which we are happy to perform at our office. more>>

Urgent Care

Whether you come to our office with cold symptoms, or you think you might have broken your big toe and need an order for an x-ray without a trip to the ER, we can take care of your urgent care needs.  Whether you are in need of simple suturing or ear irrigations—we’ve got it covered.  more>>

School/Sports/Employment Physicals

Changing jobs?  Attending a new school?  Playing sports?  If you are in need of a physical examination, you can count on us at Market Street Medical to provide a thorough exam.  Visit our Resource tab to find printable copies of school and sports physical forms. more>>

DOT Physicals

Are you a truck driver in need of a Department of Transportation physical?  Kelly Eyer, FNP-BC, is a certified medical examiner and is listed on the registry of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. more>>

Laboratory Testing

Do you need your cholesterol checked?  How about your A1C?    At Market Street Medical, we have a nurse on staff to perform blood draws for the labs you need. Besides blood labs, we also provide services for pap smears, wound cultures, and gonorrhea/chlamydia testing. more>>