Taking Time to Listen

So many times, we hear client tell us that they just really want to find a provider who will listen–someone who will take the time to look them in the eye and truly hear what they have to say.  They tell us that sometimes they feel like they are rushed in and out and don’t feel like that have gotten the time they needed with their provider.  We do our very best to always take time to listen.  In order to give you the best care, we need to know what your concerns are.  Even though we do have a set amount of time for appointments, we try to spend that time listening to you as much as possible so that we can find the best plan of care for each individual–tailored to you.  It’s a team effort between patient and provider.  A provider can come up with a long list of medications and interventions, but if the patient is not in agreement, then it is a waste of time.